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Create Your Own Ceremony

Create a unique ceremony made by you.

A template generator allows you to choose what you want for every stage of your wedding script.

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Check Back Soon! We are working to make this the greatest idea for your wedding day!

How Simple is this? Heres is a list of information you will need to provide: 

  1. Fill in your name as first partner and your spouse’s name as partner 2.

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. Fill in your wedding date.

  4. Select the type of opening you want your officiant to go with.

  5. Select your readings. They range from literature to poems.

  6. Select the vows you prefer.

  7. Pick your ring exchange reading.

  8. If you want a unity celebration, pick your choice. This is as long as you make your own unity kit available.

  9. Select your ideal closing remarks.

  10. Pick your choice declaration of intent.

  11. Click on your ideal pronouncements. If you want something different, there’s the column for other pronouncements. And if you don’t want at all, click on no pronouncement.

  12. Make your notes and special request if any, in the comment box, and then submit.

Although just one piece of a very special day, your wedding ceremony script is actually the most important one! They are the words that will unite you as a couple. So while you may use some suggestions and ceremony outlines available online and elsewhere, make sure that a part of the script is in your own words and reflect the love and commitment you are making to each other on this big day.

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